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Optical Backplane Connector System Maximizes High-Bandwidth Computing

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2023/07/29 10:09

The TE Connect Rugged Optical Backplane Interconnect System from TTI Europe provides a high density, blind plug-in backplane/daughercard configuration optical interconnect that meets the requirements of high bandwidth computing applications such as high-definition video imaging requirements in harsh environments with fiber optic infrastructures.

It has a fiber optic feed with fiber optic cable through the backplane using MT ferrule removable system modules that can be used in automotive electronics, radar, secure communication systems, avionics, imaging and positioning, processing, aerospace and defense applications.

Two sizes are available. One is a full-size VITA 66.1 module housing 2 MT metal hoops, and the other is a VITA 66.4 module, which is half-width and holds a single MT metal hoop. For high performance, the socket connectors are inserted floating relative to the housing, providing ±0.25 mm flat floating pair capability. Reliability is assured with pre-applied screw-resistant patch connector mounting screws to help withstand vibration and position the posts to help ensure proper placement of the module board on the backplane. Blind mating enables the use of strong guide pins. The MT interface can be cleaned via a slot in the housing.

Product specifications include durability to 100 cycles per EIQ-445-21 and 50G impact test, sawtooth, 11 ms pulse duration per TIA/EIA-455-14 condition E. Operating temperature test is -20 to + 85°C.

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