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Weihai Singa Electronic Ltd was founded in 2004, focusing on R&Dand business of power semiconductor device and the application products. We devoteto provide excellent and reliable products, services and solutions toourpartners.

We are leading the design, research, development, and production of power semiconductor device in China. We are a national high-tech company owning many patents and independent intellectual properties. In 2006, we build the first IGBTmodule production line. In 2010, theproductionlinewas awarded the National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project" by Chinese National Development andReform Commission. We are one of the drafters of the National Standards on IGBTand Solid State Relay. We built Shandong Electronic Device Engineering ResearchCenter,and carried out multiple national and provincial research projects.

We have three product lines, covering the production of IGBT, MOSFET, FRD,SCR, rectifier module, solid-state relay , intelligent module and other products. We establish an integrated power semiconductor device solution that uses IGBT asthe core device with applications in frequency conversion control, power quality management, and EV.The production process strictly implements the ISO9001quality management system. Each process is professionally inspected to ensure thereliability and stability of product quality.

We adhere to the refined production, scientific management, and continuous improvement of the craftsmanship spirit of "Innovate for excellence,endeavor forperfection" to help our partners achieve success while achieving our own value, and strive to become the leading power semiconductor device and solution provider inChina.