Attenuator provides smooth frequency response up to 40 GHz


  The Linked Medium High Power Attenuator provides a 26.5 flat response to 40 GHz over the entire specified frequency band and is suitable for testing military or commercial Ka-band satellite communication systems.

  The attenuation level can range from 10 to 30 dB in the AM28J-XXMP series of devices. To perform up to 100W CW to measure microwave power processing capability in any TWT (traveling tube) or solid state

  High power amplifier. The attenuator uses the advanced 1.15 low standing wave ratio of the highest: 1.

  Selected from WR28 waveguide components, internal ceramic loading and external cooling fins for optimum heat dissipation, the compact attenuator has an end profile size of only 78.5 x 29.5 mm including the heat sink, with length specified by The attenuation level changes.

  These devices are manufactured in lightweight aluminum alloy with Iridite coating and satin black finish. UBR320 flanges are standard; other flange styles are available upon request.

  Attenuator provides smooth frequency response up to 40 GHz