Chinese consumer electronics products target the Brazilian market


  Xinhuanet São Paulo, November 5 (Reporter Yan Wei Wang Zhengrun) São Paulo Consumer Electronics Show opened on the 3rd in the Afghan Convention and Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city. Many manufacturers from the Pearl River Delta region in China intend to open up the Brazilian market and look for “going”. Going out of the new growth point.

  The three-day exhibition is one of the opening activities of the “Sao Paulo Technology Week” hosted by the São Paulo City Government. It is also the only technology product expo in the Technology Week. The exhibits are mainly consumer electronics products, including information and communication products, camera audio multimedia, and household appliances. As well as lighting products, the featured exhibition area includes drones, 3D printers and smart wearable devices;

  On the first day of the exhibition, the performance of the featured exhibition area became the biggest highlight. The 3D printing performance and drone demonstration flight attracted the attention of many Brazilian visitors, let them appreciate the charm of China's “intelligence”.

  According to Pan, the deputy general manager of the China (Brazil) Investment Development and Trade Center, the Brazilian consumer electronics market has been growing steadily over the past few years. In 2014, the Brazilian consumer electronics market generated sales of USD 65.4 billion, and the market size accounted for 44% of the South American market. %, China's power electronics exports to Brazil totaled 15.7 billion US dollars, accounting for 38% of Brazil's imported power electronics products. Although the market may be slightly shrinking due to the economic recession this year, the consumption is still rising, and it is expected to reach 117 million pieces.

  In addition to the leading enterprises in the industry, many small and medium-sized enterprises are actively participating in this exhibition. A representative of a manufacturer producing driving recorders told reporters that the current economic downturn in Brazil is actually a good thing for some small and medium-sized export enterprises in China, and the participation of large enterprises is declining. It is precisely when small and medium-sized export enterprises emerged. On the one hand, competition is relatively less intense, and on the other hand, middle and low-end consumer electronics products are more in line with the current consumer demand in the Brazilian market.