Light-emitting capacitive switch for medical monitors


  A single LED lighting capacitive switch module has proven to be a vital component of medical device manufacturers, said Stadium IGT, which introduced a range of switch modules.

  The company approached the medical OEM to provide a new HMI solution for high performance acute fetal and maternal production surveillance systems. The final product uses advanced technology to obtain accurate data. It must also be easy to use and provide data that is quickly read.

  The single illuminating capacitor switch module provides an on/off pulse under high light indication that the product is energized. The ultra-thin design allows the module to be mounted on the control panel, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing display that can withstand the rigorous cleaning of the desired clinical environment.

  It offers greater touchscreen sensitivity, saying the company has no missed operations and creates better light shaping and backlighting from LED light diffusing films. The module is connected via an adhesive pad mounting and plug-in FFC cable and can be customized to meet the space constraints of the final product.

  Light-emitting capacitive switch for medical monitors