• Name: Reversible three-phase solid state relay control 1-7KW
  • Product Number: 052
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Product Description:

This is a new three-phase motor reversing control of a dedicated solid state relays can be used to switch power to three-phase induction motor 7 kilowatts or less. Built-in electronic lock circuit can effectively prevent simultaneous conduction at the same time reversing solid state relay switch, turned a steering mistake turned another turn, the motor stops. LED light-emitting diode display three-phase motor steering, green means forward and reverse red. Output using SCR technology and built-in anti-parallel chip varistor voltage absorbing circuit, over-voltage with high tolerance, optimum reliability.
There are two standard options, two-phase control: within two terminals connected to the positive and negative conversion phase thyristor switch, another internal terminal with a short straight line. Phase three controls: three terminals are inscribed thyristor switch, over-voltage withstand capability and anti-jamming capabilities are better than two three-phase control, high reliability type.
Solid state relay is recommended that with suitable heat sink and semiconductor-specific quick fuse and install a thermostat with a temperature limit switches on the radiator when in use.


● proprietary technology, domestic initiative.
● dedicated to the three-phase induction motor reversing control, power up to 7 kilowatts.
● up to 1400 volts or more blocking voltage, can be used in 530-volt AC circuit inside.
● dV / dt> 500 V / nS
● Built-in input electronic interlocking function.
● LED input display.
● Input / output insulation 2500V.
● copper substrate "vacuum + hydrogen protection" welding chip technology.
● input control voltage range: 10 to 30 volts DC.
● anti-parallel double SCR as a power output element, thermal performance and long life.

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