High-density arrays Cable Assemblies


  Samtec's SEARAY 0.80 mm pitch, ultra-high density array cable assemblies provide a 50% board space savings compared to 1.27 mm pitch SEARAY system.

With the overall performance of 15 Gbps and edge rates up to 300 contacts, the cable system is designed for rugged, high-speed applications space is limited.

Provided # 34 AWG micro ribbon coax 50Ω single-ended signal routing on each row with 8 or 20 rows of 30 contacts and 10 design in 0.80 mm pitch ESCA series. Cable assembly is provided with a signal to ground ratio of 4: 1, optional screw downs and minimum cable length of 5cm.

Both ends of the socket and terminal options. Board-level teammate (SEAM8 / SEAF8) is 2 mm to 5 mm body height standard design flexibility and lead-free solder terminals simplify IR reflow termination charges, improve solder joint reliability available.

Some feature Edge Rate contact system to increase cycle life, reduced broadside coupling, which reduces crosstalk performance as excellent signal integrity and impedance control effect. The robust contact system is not easy to damage the process of disengagement, "zipper."


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