10 change the enterprise IT market trend of cloud computing in the first place


 About enterprise IT, change is coming. Enterprise purchase, construction, management and optimization of IT infrastructure, to ensure that information in a secure manner tremendous change taking place. From cloud computing to big data analytics, and then move ubiquitous connectivity, enterprise IT systems are becoming faster, more efficient, lower operational costs, easier to use. In this process, a number of new technology companies are emerging to challenge existing companies on the market.

Venture capital investment enterprise computing more than ever. Only the first six months of 2014, this area has attracted a record $ 5.4 billion investment. The number of trades, such as Workday, Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, ServiceNow and Splunk completed the multi-billion dollar IPO (initial public offering), further ignited the enthusiasm of the market. The next few quarters, there will be a number of companies in this area to complete the listing.





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