The optical backplane connector system maximizes high-bandwidth computing


  In Europe by the TTI, TE connection rugged optical backplane interconnect system provides a high-density, blind-mate backplane / daughercard optical interconnect configured to meet the high-bandwidth computing applications, such as high-definition video images in bad Requirements environmental fiber infrastructure.

It has a fiber ribbon cable feed via the backplane using the MT ferrule removable system modules can be used in automotive electronics, radar, secure communications systems, avionics, imaging and positioning, processing, aerospace and defense applications.

Available in two sizes. One is a full-size VITA 66.1 module accommodates 2 MT ferrule and another VITA 66.4 module, which is half-width, and holds a single MT ferrule. For high-performance, socket connector into a floating relative to the housing to provide ± 0.25 Haomi plane floating capacity. Reliability Assurance and Nylok previously applied patch connector mounting screws to help withstand vibration and positioning posts, to help ensure the module on the backplane board place. Blind enable use with powerful guide pin. MT interfaces can be cleaned via a slot in the housing.

Product specifications include durability of 100 times per EIQ-445-21 and shock testing of 50G, sawtooth, pulse duration of 11 ms, according to the TIA / EIA-455-14 test conditions E. Operating temperature is -20 to + 85 ° C.


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