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product engineer

Discussed personally
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Shandong Province-Weihai-Huancui District
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Job nature:
Full time
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No limit
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No limit
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2019/03/29 11:34
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  1. Responsible for the small batch to mass production process control of the company's new products, as well as the evaluation of mass production capacity;

  2. Responsible for the company's mass production product yield monitoring and improvement;

  3. Responsible for the reliability evaluation and certification of the company's new products; other requirements:

  1. Bachelor or master's degree in power electronics, electrical, automation and microelectronics;

  2. Familiar with basic material knowledge, semiconductor knowledge, understanding basic quality management tools, and proficient in CAD drawing software;

  3. Have knowledge of test tool analysis and statistics;

  4. Have good communication skills, strong analytical skills, problem solving skills and teamwork spirit.

  5. Good English communication skills.